Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Cha Gio) with Fish Dipping Sauce (Nuoc Mam Cham)

Good Evening y’all, hopefully everyone’s week got off to a great start today. So, I love going to Viet-town and getting those perfectly crispy Vietnamese spring rolls called Cha Gio. They are accompanied by Nuoc Mam Cham which is a fish sauce that has been mixed with vinegar, water, sugar, and many times chilies or a splash of chili paste. I was on a mission this week to make my own because I rarely get over to the Uptown neighborhood and why not have a freezer stocked with ready to fry Cha Gio (Oh, I forgot to mention that they freeze beautifully!). The recipe that I used only cost about $14.00 total and makes about 65 spring rolls! YEE! Yes, who doesn’t love that, especially when you go to the restaurant and they are about $4.00 for two! Anyways, I’m clearly not an expert on what goes in these (even though I know what most places have in them) so, I decided to make them how I wanted, with portions that I liked. For example, I don’t tend to like carrots all that much so I used less than what most people say to use, and I skipped the taro which I found to be in most at the Vietnamese restaurants….(Well, I bought it, then found it to be the strangest, and most sticky root, thing, ever, yah so. no.) Also I just eyeballed the pepper amount because I use a lot of pepper. So after spending an hour or so rolling these suckers, yes this is not including prep time, I found out that I should have been a professional spring roll, roller. Warning*** Do NOT try to attempt these if you do NOT have patience. It gets pretty boring, pretty fast, but at lease you know that you will be eating these for a month…Well, more like a week for me because I have already eaten about half. They go well with grilled pork and rice vermicelli and with a big bowl of pho. I read that they are traditionally eaten wrapped in lettuce, but I just keep it unhealthy and stick with fried on fried. Hope you all enjoy these Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Fish Dipping Sauce!

**Also, they do contain shrimp and pork but if you aren’t a shrimp lover just substitute more pork, but let me just say A)you can barely taste the shrimp, and B)keep in the shrimp..ok, great.

Cookware needed:

-A deep fryer, pot or dutch oven (deep enough for frying)


-Wood Cutting Board

-Two Tupperware Containers (One Freezer Safe, Also Long ones or whatever I guess)

-Mason Jar or Jar/Container for the Fish Sauce

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Cha Gio) with Fish Dipping Sauce (Nuoc Mam Cham)

-1 Package Spring Roll Wrappers (See picture below for brand, you can find them in most Asian Groceries)

-1 Lb Ground Pork

-1/2 Pound Shrimp, Shells removed, deveined, and chopped into little pieces

-2 Carrots, Shredded and cut into 1-1/2 in pieces

-1 Medium Onion, Sliced Thin and chopped

-Bean Threads (Comes in a pack with a couple of bunches, but just use one. Soak in hot water for about 10 minutes then cut into 1 inch pieces)

-1 Egg, Beaten

-1 Tsp Salt

-1 Tsp Pepper

-1 Tsp Sugar

-2 Tsp Fish Sauce

Spring Roll Glue

-1 T Water

-1 T Flour

Fish Dipping Sauce

– 1/4 Cup Water

-1/4 Cup Sugar

-1/4 Cup Fish Sauce

-1/4 Cup Vinegar

-4 Thai Chilies, Chopped in thin pieces, with seeds

For the Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Cha Gio)

Step 1: Prep shrimp by removing shells, veins, and chop into small pieces. Prep vegetables, seasonings, and bean threads.

vsr 1 vsr2 vsr3vsr6vsr4vsr5vsr9 vsr10 vsr11vsr13

Step 2: Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a bowl.

vsr7vsr12vsr14 vsr15 vsr16

Step 3: Place your spring roll wrappers in a tupperware container covered by a damp paper towel, and have your other tupperware nearby so you can store your completed spring rolls. Make the spring roll glue by mixing the flour and water together to form a paste.

vsr18 vsr17vsr19 vsr20

Step 4: Rolling the Spring Rolls, place the wrapper  (as a diamond) on the wooden cutting board with the smooth side down.

4a: Place a spoonful of filling (about 1 1/2 tablespoons) in the middle of the wrapper. Take the bottom corner and fold up over the filling then use your fingers to pull down, causing the filling to spread out. (At this point the tip of the wrapper should be down and just above the filling)


  4b: Fold the right side in, then the left side


4c: Roll upwards until just the top tip is exposed. Take a tiny bit of your glue and rub on the tip then finish rolling, sealing the spring roll. Immediately place in the second covered tupperware container.


Step 5: Once all your spring rolls (Cha Gio) have been rolled, and you have run out of patience, take out the ones you would to fry and throw the rest into the freezer. Pour about 1/2 – 1 inch of vegetable oil in a deep pot and heat over medium high heat. You will know the oil is ready to go if you stick a wooden spoon or chop stick in the oil and bubbles rise to the surface. Once the bubbles rise to the surface lower the heat just a tiny tiny bit then add the spring rolls, don’t overcrowd!


Step 6: Fry for about 6-7 minutes or until golden brown, turning over halfway through the cooking time.

vf2 vf3 vf4

Step 7: Drain on a paper towel lined plate, serve hot!

vf5 vf6

For the Fish Dipping Sauce (Nuoc Mam Cham)

Step 1: Place the sugar and water and a pot and heat until the sugar is dissolved.

fs1 fs4

Step 2: Add in the vinegar and fish sauce, as well as the chopped chilies.


Step 3: Store in a mason jar or air tight container in the fridge. Keeps for about two weeks!


Plate your Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Cha Gio) with Fish Dipping Sauce (Nuoc Mam Cham)

Step 1: Place your fish dipping sauce in a ramekin or small dish, then place on your plate or platter.

Step 2: Place a piece of cabbage on the plate next to the sauce and then arrange your Cha Gio on top of the cabbage.

Step 3: Enjoyyy!!!!

vdone1 vdone2 vdone3 vdone4 vdone6

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  1. Chris says:

    Looks great!! I am really hungry after seeing the spring rolls

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