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Spicy Thai Red Curry Soup with Tilapia

Good evening y’all, let me start off by mentioning this soup is extremely spicy and it’s best not to cook and consume it when you have no a/c and or ceiling fan in you kitchen/living room and if was 87 degrees during the day…Well other than that this is a delicious soup that I have … Continue reading

Create & Devour has move to Brooklyn, NY y’all!

After a long hiatus, Create & Devour is back! It has taken a while to get unpacked, but I will now be posting again. Hope you all enjoy! Best, Adam

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General Tso’s Chicken

This recipe is for a quick and simple General Tso’s Chicken that can be made with items that most people carry in their fridge or pantry. This recipe will serve two people or 1 hungry individual. Enjoy! Cookware Needed: Small Dutch Oven Medium Dutch Oven or Wok Pot or Rice Cooker Pot Tongs General Tso’s … Continue reading

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Classic Peanut Brittle with Dark Chocolate Drizzle

Hi y’all, I know I just posted earlier today, but I wanted to do one more since I have the time. This recipe is for peanut brittle, but I decided to make it a little more tasty and do a tempered dark chocolate drizzle over top! Since it is tempered chocolate, the chocolate hardens rather … Continue reading

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Cajun Chicken Linguine Pasta with Grilled Vegetables

Good afternoon y’all! Finally a day off where I can upload a couple recipes that I ment to do a while ago. This recipe is super simple and has a nice spice factor to it, but not too spicy for those who can’t handle the heat. Hope y’all enjoy! Cookware Needed: -Grill Pan -Cast Iron … Continue reading

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Potatoes Au Gratin

Hi y’all, worked an overnight this morning, so I have no energy to write. However, I want to delete the pictures from my phone which mean I will post this really fast. This recipe is for Potatoes Au Gratin is super simple and uses one of the mother sauces to create its sauce. A Bechamel … Continue reading

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Chorizo And Potato Lunch Burritos

Hi y’all, another long day means one more meal to¬† make after that long day, BUT! Here is a fast meal that you can have ready in 20 minutes…And yes, I’m clearly in a burrito phase. This here is a quick and delicious recipe for a chorizo and potato burrito! If you make breakfast burritos … Continue reading

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Spicy Breakfast Burritos

Good evening y’all…Tonight’s recipe if for a spicy breakfast burrito, and by spicy I mean, not too spicy. So, this morning I worked an overnight shift, 12am-7:30am YEE! and when I was about to get off work I was contemplating what I wanted to make for breakfast when I got home. My options were green … Continue reading

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Loaded Potato Skins

Good afternoon y’all! Just posting a quick recipe for loaded potato skins! You can have them as a snack, game day treat or dinner like I did…Well as a side for dinner. Are 8 potato skins considered a side? yee! Enjoy. Cookware Needed: -Sheet Tray or Baking Pan Loaded Potato Skins 4 Small Russet Potatoes … Continue reading

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Layered & Baked Eggplant Parmesan (V)

Good afternoon y’all! Here’s a simple and delicious recipe for Layered and Baked Eggplant Parmesan. I like this recipe best for eggplant parmesan because you don’t overcook the eggplant making it too soggy and mushy like more do when you pan fry with oil. THIS RECIPE IS OIL FREE AND FRYING FREE! Fun. Anyways, the … Continue reading


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